3 Top Tips For Acing Tattoo Design Contests

Since time immemorial, artists have used the human body as a canvas for creative expression. This creative platform presents many opportunities, so it’s natural for the number of tattoo artists to be increasing every year. As they increase, these artists must infuse their art with fresh ideas. After all, artists can’t totally rely on traditional designs.

Tattooing has grown popular and has become part and parcel of our lifestyle and culture. Every month, tattoo design contests are held to test the best international tattoo artists. These events help multi-cultural artists showcase their talents. These contests have not just introduced new trends in tattooing but have also changed the tattoo art landscape.

From the multitude of tattoo designs seen, only a few make it to the contests. If you too would like to win a tattoo design competition, master these three tips:

1. Master your craft and build your signature style. Each artist has an individual tattoo style. These tattoo styles are honed over the years. Style, after all, is not developed in a short time. While some tattoo artists prefer conventional tattoo designs and styles, there are those that prefer to go with modern ones.

Besides developing your individual style, you must also sharpen your signature tattoo skills. With advances in technology, there are various instruments to help make realistic tattoos. While some tattoo artists focus on conventional tattoo techniques, others draw inspiration from modern designs. Adept tattooists with a distinct signature style usually win tattoo design contests.

2. Hone your vision for realistic designs. There are as many excellent tattoo artists in the world as there are equally fantastic design ideas. However, tattoo artists usually fall short in the execution of their design ideas. The parameters of judging winners at tattoo design contests include artistry and realistic designs. Your design can only be considered if it has fine detailing and the size is reasonable, else it is meaningless. According to experts, these tattoo design contests are breeding grounds for workable tattoo designs.

3. Individualize your tattoo designs. Often, tattoo design contests are based on the wearer’s tastes. So, contests lay down the rules for contestants to obey. Each individual has a unique reason for being tattooed. So, when you create a design, bear this in mind. Perhaps the tattoo is intended to convey philosophical leanings or to remember a historical occasion, so ensure your design conveys this. This is the most important criterion of any tattoo design contest.

Sometimes, you can select the part of the body where the tattoo should appear. Check whether this is, in fact, the right spot for the design. Some parts of the body parts can affect your design. Most artists choose specific body curves to highlight their tattoo designs. Sometimes, tattoo design contests could also include the position of the tattoo design.

Add your individuality to these three tips and you’re all set to win. With a unique signature style, you stand apart from the rest and will surely win a design contest.

Adsense Conversion – Its All In The Keywords

Most online marketers are familiar with Google Adsense which is a Pay-Per Click (PPC) service. Every time someone clicks on an Adsense advertisement on your blog or website, you are paid a portion of the revenue which Google collects from the advertiser. But do you know how it all works and how you can make more money with it? How is your Adsense conversion?

How well you do with Adsense all depends on how well you are using your keywords. All you need to do is find the keywords that bring in more revenue per click. Sounds simple enough but you need to do a little research to get these keywords.

While getting a lot of traffic will get you more impressions of your Adsense ads, you also want to get more clicks. There are several things that you can do to increase clicks. First of all, make sure that your ads are placed in a prime location where visitors will see them. Next, make sure you don’t have too many other links on your pages that visitors might be tempted to click rather than clicking on the Adsense ad. You can also change the graphics/style of your Adsense ads to make them more appealing to the eye and/or to fit better along with your blog or website theme.

But the real determiners of your Adsense conversion are the keywords that you use. One reason that Adsense is so popular is that you aren’t just randomly shooting your ads to millions who don’t care at all what you are promoting. When you able to customize an ad for your target audience based on where they find the ad and what they are interested in, your conversion rates will increase.

Google can evaluate what your site visitor would be interested in based on the content/keywords that your website/blog contains. When used in the right way, this can be more powerful and effective than the biggest, loudest, most popular commercials on television.

It’s important to keep in mind that the costliest clicks are not necessarily the best ones in terms of conversion. Although you can find some keywords that pay $40 to $50 per click, you really won’t earn very much if no one is clicking on them anyway. So, it’s better to seek out the keywords and keyword phrases that people are often clicking on. There are many free tools that you can use to find these words. Google Trends or the Google Adwords Keyword Tool are just a couple.

Just as important is finding the highest converting keywords. Your goal is to find the keywords that effectively balance the quality of the keyword (in terms of offering a decent payout per click) and a high possibility that people will click on it. When you hit that right optimized balance, your Adsense conversion rates will increase dramatically.

Six Reasons A Home Stager Should Use Twitter

The popular social networking site, Twitter, has taken the world by storm. Millions of people around the world use Twitter to communicate with others in short, 140 character sentences or status updates.

You can think of Twitter as your own micro blog with each status update being its own mini blog post. The people you communicate with on Twitter, your micro blog readers if you will, are known as your followers and their feedback on what you have to say will be instantaneous.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s much less complicated than it sounds. All you need to know is that in order to compete in business in 2010, you must have a Twitter account.

Here are six reasons why you need to get your free Twitter account today:

1. It’s quick and easy to get started, especially compared to Facebook. It will take you about five minutes to set up your profile and start “Tweeting.”

2. You’ll be saving your identity. It’s expected that by the end of this year there will be 100 million people using Twitter. Even if you have no plans to start Tweeting in the near future, you should join now if only to save your business name so nobody else grabs it first.

3. You’ll be proving that you’re current. You can’t listen to the radio or watch TV without hearing somebody asking you to follow them on Twitter. When you have a Twitter account, you’re demonstrating that you’re keeping up with trends.

4. You’re demonstrating your expertise as a home stager. The sooner you start using Twitter, the sooner you’ll have a history of “tweets” that will be positioning you as the home staging expert in your market. With Twitter growing at its current rate, it’s a matter of time before other stagers in your market are using it, if they aren’t already. Get there first so you appear to be ahead of the game.

5. It helps show your passion for home staging. You can use Twitter to share your passion about your industry. Allow your potential customers to get to know you and your design style giving them the chance to like and trust you. That will make them more likely to hire you when they need a stager.

6. You’ll be helping your customers find you. Twitter is becoming more and more mainstream. Many homeowners and real estate agents in your market are already on there. Twitter is a whole new way to get your business in front of people in your town. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!

You can find out more about these six points as well as six more reasons to sign up for an account in the Home Stager’s Guide to Twitter. You’ll also learn exactly how to sign up for your account, how to set up your profile, how to start finding people to follow and even ideas about what to post.

Tips Of Small Face Hairstyle

Besides eye-catching accessories including designer replica handbags, one of the most important element that would shape your appearance would be your hairstyle. Do you have an oversized face and are unsure what the smartest look for your shape is? Actually, almost every woman want to own a small face since it must be the best condition for a slim charmful body. While, not all ladies have such an advantaged face naturally. Could it be said that they are not beautiful? Obviously no. As far as I concerned, we can take the advantage of hairstyle forwards on the sides to balance our face and give the visual impression of a small face successfully.

Do you know your appearance depend on many factors like the face shape and size hair texture, hair colour and hair length? Here I will give you tips of hairstyle to get an ‘acquired’ small face.

A cute ponytail
We are so familiar with the ponytail style. You would ask that what ponytail style would suit your face structure. We used to making the ponytail style since we are children, while you would know little about how to shape it perfectly. Rememberthe only thing you need is just height and to embrace top layers. You’ll find that you can still own a cute face with slightly high forehead hair and the side hairline. So simple, isn’t it?

The elaborate hair color
The shadow dyed hair style is just the secret of shape a small face. As you see, the dark colored hair around the face can effectively shape the profile of the face. What’s more, the dark haifline can plump up the original thin hair, while the light hair end doesn’t loss the liveliness.

The hair flow
One of the element that results in a small face should be the hair flow on the side of your face. Just keep enough length of your side hair to shape the cheek line. Besides, building the hair end with light feeling can lower the size of face as well.

The hair fringes
Here I strongly recommand the neat fringes which shade near one third size of face. While you should take a special care to the radian of the fringe style iteself. Don’t shape it too orderly since it seems a little stiff; do shape it with great radian like the circular arch shape, thus the fringes can perfectly fit your side hair, creating the effect of a slim face.

Cambridge Education – 2020 Style

Cambridge UK. September 2020. Lucy Jordan, aged eight, is starting her first day at iSchool – the Cambridge School of Science & Technology Engineering to be precise.

She has just graduated with honours from iLearn – the Government’s Clicks ’n Bricks nursery.

Since the age of five she has attended supervised social skills sessions with other children for two hours each weekday morning. After going home for lunch she has worked on her iLearn brief for three hours each afternoon online.

Her parents, both business people and one of whom is paid by the Government to stay at home under the Parental Responsibilities Act, have not had to sell the family jewels to pay for Lucy’s extensive technology toolkit.

The cost of the Amazon Kindle e-Reader, Raspberry Pi micro-computer, Apple iPhone to aid communication skills, Apple iPads and other tablets – was met out of the Government’s innovative EdTech tax relief programme.

Through iLearn, Lucy has mastered basic literacy and numeracy skills and a smattering of all the world’s major languages. She has gained an elementary knowledge of a whole range of subjects under her tutors Miss Wiki, Mr Google, Professor Hologram and Drs YouTube, DVD and Video.

David Attenbrough’s ‘Life on Earth’ series had made a brilliant geography ‘teacher.’ The best communicators in the world in their fields – via video and related technologies – had given her a grounding in medicine, nature, science, engineering and the Humanities.

Apple iTunes and YouTube got her through the Arts, Music and Drama requirements of her programme.

Under the new anti-obesity laws, passed when the NHS was scrapped in 2015, Lucy is required to undergo an hour’s exercise a day using her her Nintendo Wii Remote Plus, connected to her Microsoft Kinect XBox 360 gaming console.

And under the Government’s ‘FaithBuddies’ religious tolerance programme, Lucy has had regular online contact with children of the same age in other countries and creeds so she understands that people are people whether they are Muslims, Buddhists or Judaists.

iLearn had abolished the ‘curricula-exam’ treadmill amid widespread relief in 2015. Lucy had satisfied a panel of online invigilators, appointed by the Government, in an annual assessment where she fielded certain basic questions and looked up the answers on the internet.

So here she sits, three years older and very much wiser, a new pupil at the Cambridge School of Science & Technology Engineering. In reality she is at home in her study. Virtually she is anywhere and everywhere.

Lucy links to the Government’s new Heri-tech Centre – an archive of heritage technology – where Tim Berners-Lee gives a passionate dissertation about the birth of the internet and how the World Wide Web has created a global village.

In one dizzy hour she sees a reconstruction of Egyptians building the Great Pyramid of Giza; of Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon; and the Americans completing construction of the Panama Canal with 40,000 workers moving enough dirt to bury the entire island of Manhattan 12 feet deep.

She sits mesmerised as Stephen Hawking unpicks the secrets of the Universe and admits to being a little scared watching The Large Hadron Collider – housed in a 17-mile-long circular tunnel buried some 570 feet under the French and Swiss Alps – a gigantic enormous scientific experiment designed to observe minuscule subatomic particles by recreating the terrifying conditions that existed right after the Big Bang.

Chills turns to thrills as she watches engineers build the Qingzang-Tibet Railway – the world’s highest railroad. She sways in her chair to the rhythm of a train rattling along a top-of-the world slide through Himalayan peaks and over rugged tundra on a 1,200-mile path, at one point crossing 16,640-foot Tanggula pass.

She could have done without seeing the historic world-first human heart transplant performed by Christiaan Barnard so close to her elevenses, followed by nature red in tooth and claw on the Serengeti as a lion shreds a wildebeest.

But she could recover her equilibrium by studying hummingbirds flying backwards or the bar-headed goose flapping to heights of 21,120 feet on its migration over the Himalayas.

Tomorrow she would learn how clever people in Providence, Rhode Island, had uncovered rivers that had been buried under paved bridges. She might tune in to the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or follow more modest lines of thought by revisiting the production of Acorn’s famous BBC Micro computer – right here in Cambridge with that nice Mr Hauser giving some user-friendly commentary.

Lucy decides she likes this ‘look, listen and learn’ approach to what the old fuddy-duddies used to call education. And she has no doubt what she wants to be when she is older. Those scientists and engineers – creating everything from computers to canals – have all the fun. And they make such a difference.

Lucy couldn’t wait to share these wonders with mum and dad and brother Billy – a bright little four-year-old who in just a year’s time would start off on the same magical journey of discovery.

Bank Your Blog!

Unless you have just awaken from a 20-year nap, you are aware of blogs… Internet ‘web-logs’. Many of us use blogs to record our ideas and experiences, but a few savvy Internet marketers actually use blogs to generate genuine six-figure incomes.

Perhaps you have read the stories about people who have made a fortune from their blog; some of these entrepreneurs have become millionaires many times over because they seem to know something that we don’t. If you are like me, you have made an effort to monetize your blog with AdSense and some affiliate programs and possibly you’ve had some success. However, earning the ‘big bucks’ has escaped the vast majority of us bloggers.

Enter Rob Benwell, possibly the world’s foremost expert on making money with blogs. Rob has only been on this planet for 22 years, but he has figured out what has stumped us old-timers – how to make his blogs throw off six-figures of revenue. If his name rings a bell with you it is because last year Rob authored a best-selling book entitled, “Blogging To The Bank”.

As you know, marketing tactics and promotional methods change hourly on the Internet. It is no surprise that some of the information in Rob’s first book (now one year old) is already dated and doesn’t have the same significance today as when it was first published.

To address this, Rob has just released a sequel entitled “Blogging To The Bank 2.0”, which covers a lot of new information, tips & tricks that can help you make a fortune with your blog.

You’ll really like Rob’s style, he doesn’t consider himself a “guru”, or talk down to those of us who are not overly technical. He has a clear concise style that helps you to understand everything he is teaching. Don’t think this means this is mundane information because he delivers some real bombshells that will require you to read some topics a number of times to really “get it”. When you do . . . you’ll realize this fellow is a genius.

Rob covers everything you’ll need to know to capitalize on today’s changing environment all the while keeping the search engines happy. He covers everything from initial market research to his 5 blogging commandments that if followed, he claims will virtually guarantee success with your blog.

If you have a blog today, or are considering starting a blog, do yourself a favor and read “Blogging To The Bank 2.0”. Like most things, there’s an easy way to do it – or the hard way, and trust me, when it comes to making money with your blog, you do NOT want to take the hard way.

A Guide Way Indian Fashion Hair Tips and Lifestyle Blog

Fashion was previously deemed to be the word that was applicable only in the developed countries like USA, UK and the like, but the word fashion is one thing that is dominating almost every country. Indian fashion is the latest talk of the world, India is known for its diverse culture and customs, and so many people follow many various traditions and customs. This became an asset for the fashion technology as the Indian manufacturers were able to show their multi talented skill in the fashion technology. Each of the states in the country has got thus fashion statement of their own, and unique dressing sense. Fashion dresses thus paved a way into this country and changed the dressing style of the people in the country. Many people in the country have accepted this changed and try to be in par with the outside world. The girls and women who used to wear only salwar – kameez now dress up in jeans, skirts and pants. We can say the Indian fashion is mainly influenced by films of the yester years, you can still see many women draping the sari with a modern style and this way they didn’t forget their culture but are again still in trend with the latest fashionable world. The credit also goes to the various malls that have emerged from the foreign country and they are selling the latest fashion dresses, thus making it possible for the Indians to buy the trendy and international dresses too.

To know about the fashion and the fashion dress you can always look into the lifestyle blog that will give you the needed information about the latest trends and the way the celebrities and others dress up. Lifestyle blog will give you bundle of information and make you know of any type of things, suppose you want to know some tips for hair, you can very easily get it there, you can find many tips for hair, skin care, health remedies and many such more. Internet is one place that has eased many people’s work and effort.

Fashion and travelling are the two hot spot happenings all over the world, and it is really a fact that you can’t travel to any place without knowing about the place. To ease this work and for getting the exact picture of any place you want to visit, you have to just browse through the travel blog and read about the location you want to spend your next vacation. Travel blog is a journal of the various places you have travelled and the place wherein you can share your experience with your friends and family. You can write in the blog about your advent and it will reach your friends immediately. This way you can give the opportunity for your friends to be in touch with you even though you are miles away from them. Travel blogs are the best web based blogs that will keep track of your vacation list and help you to recollect your memorable journeys.

How to Build Your Money Blog

With the growth of the World Wide Web, blogging has given a platform and a voice to those of us who may not have had one previously. Blogging will help you get your message out to the public, and you can make money blogging as well.

If you would like to know how to start a blog, here is what you do. Simply do a blog search, and when you find a blog style you like, the homepage will have a link that you can follow to create a blog. After you fill out a short online form, you are on your way to becoming a blogger!

A common beginner blogging mistake is thinking that once you create a blog, viewers and money will start rolling in. Before you learn to blog for money, you should know how to build your blog. The most important thing you can do is post original quality content. When you post your content, always use the spell checker. Proper grammar and spelling will give your blog a more professional look. For more information, do a keyword search for “beginner blogging course” and “beginner blogger products.”

Now that you know how to blog, you will need to get some readers. The best way to do this is to visit other blogs, and post quality comments on them. The authors and readers of the other blogs will see your comments, and they may visit your blog and post a few comments themselves. Posting on message boards and forums are also a way to advertise your blog. When you do this, search out message boards that share a common interest with your blog, and offer a link. (If you visit a blog about stamp collecting, and you post a link to a blog post about how to grow tomatoes, you might get banned for spamming.)

Building a good-sized readership is important if you are going to build blogs for money. The more readers you have, the more money you can make. There are many paths to becoming a big time money blogger. One way you can make money with your blog is by using contextual ads. Contextual ads scan your post for content, and automatically put up links to products they think your readers might be interested in. When a reader clicks the ad, you make money. The amount of money ranges from a few cents to a few dollars, but these can build up after time. Contextual ad companies have the blog tools and blog software you need to maximize profits.

A more profitable way to make money blogging is to join a network that will give you access to advertisers who will pay you to post about their products. The more popular your blog is, the more money advertisers are willing to pay you for your posts. (I’ve seen some that pay as much as $75 dollars for a 200-word post!) If you go this route, remember that you must still post non-advertisement quality content on your blog, and you must continue to advertise your blog for maximum profits.

Now that you know how to build a better blog, and how to make money blogging, the rest is up to you. There is no magic formula that will help you make tons of money overnight, like everything else in life; you will need to work at it. But take my word for it, blogging can be very rewarding

8 Added Suggestions For Blog Topics

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Are you running out of ideas for a new blog entry? If your assessment is you’ve already used all possible blog topics like your child, your husband, and your out-of-town trips, better assess again. Bloggers are like newspapers so it is impossible for them to be at a loss when it comes to information. Perhaps you are stressed out from your blog routine or encountering writer’s block. Whatever it is, you’ll surely get past that quickly after you go through these topic suggestions:

1. Your line of work – Not a lot of bloggers talk about this. Perhaps they want to keep their anonymity by becoming a different person online. If you are to share the business experiences you had, surely a lot of people would be engrossed reading it. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the career path you chose and inspire others who want to pursue the same.

2. Reminisce – Bloggers are known to talk about the latest word on the street. Fashion bloggers talk about the trendy styles while mobile bloggers discuss about the latest gadgets. But most of the time it’s exciting to be different. Try taking a walk down memory lane and tell your stories from the days past. Most of the followers love to read stories of the past as what we normally enjoy to write.

3. Purchase stories – Many readers stumble upon blogs because they’re looking for some unbiased information, particularly when they are going to make a purchase. Write about how you came to a purchase decision, like when you bought a car. Lay out the details as to how you chose a particular brand and model.

4. Your favorite things – Oprah’s much awaited episode each year covers this topic. You can follow this as well, with or with no perks. Blog about your favorite tangible things such as your coffee maker or your smart phone. You can also write about your much loved pet, your much loved internet game, or your much loved teen idol. You can focus on any material topic that you want!

5. Financial teachings – Financial blogging is becoming increasingly important because of the ongoing economic crisis. Share your money handling skills to your readers. If you’re into investments, your blog can be a great place to promote your picks.

6. Your values and beliefs – Are you a firm believer in something that you wish others would follow suit? Disclose your values and beliefs through your write-up. You can tackle easy topics like your reducing method or complex issues like religious conviction. The main focus is to be able to blog what you’ve been longing to share and make a quality write up on that.

7. Entertain guest – Blog entries don’t necessarily have to be always about you. It’s nice to try new things like have an interview with someone and use it as your blog style. You can have an expert to elaborate more on the blog topic that you made and share that interview with your followers. When you cover somebody else’s life on your article, your blog will create a new look.

8. Random act of kindness – Showing compassion at all times and paying good deeds to others can be an idea of a good write-up. You can see the real beauty of life whenever there is someone who exhibits even simple kindness. Give your best shot in doing good and make use of your means to help the needy ones. If you’re the shy type, you can do the indirect approach, like becoming a secret santa.

There you have it! These are just a few topics you can play with. You can w